MMA and Avery

     My cousin Sean lived with us a few years back.  Pre-brain tumor.  He was just beginning to train in MMA, and Las Vegas has some great gyms.  Avery and Sean hit it off.  He would show her some moves and how to protect herself.  She is VERY competitive and we learned early on she would pass out before she would tap out.

   Sean has been training and fighting ever since.  He has been getting better and better.  He is working his way up to bigger fights and more money. 

   But is also has a big heart.  He called us a few months back and wanted to do a fight to promote pediatric cancer.  There was a girl named Tenley that also had a brain tumor that would be at the fight.  They were going to raise money for Make-A-Wish and the Tenley foundation.  AWESOME!  We were in.

   Little did we know, Tenley (who is 9) has the EXACT same tumor as Avery.  A bit different location, but the same kind.  She was diagnosed in July of 2010 (a month after Avery) and did her Make-A-Wish to Disneyworld in April 2012 (a month before ours).  Kind of mookey. 
   Avery and Tenley hit it off at the fight.  It was great to see Avery just goof around and be a kid.  And the fact they have so much in common was heartwarming. 

   Sean won his fight.  Yes, Avery watched and cheered him on.  Along with me, Chris and Nathan. 



My Vida Loca


    I know it’s been a LONG time since I  posted.  But here it goes.  We have had a busy/good summer so far. 

     Avery started out being a princess for the Miss Nevada and Outstanding Teen Nevada 2013 contest.  One of the girls from the Make-A-Wish office, Alyssa D'Agostino was competing for the title this year.  She asked if Avery could be her princess?  Of course!!  She didn’t win, but it was a great weekend for Avery. 


Avery met the current Outstanding Teen NV, Elle Smith.  Super cute girl!


avery miss nv 2 

And Randi Sundquist, 2012 Miss Nevada.  We have met her at a few events.  SUPER DARLING!!  Always sweet to Avery.  We are really going to miss seeing her at events!!

avery miss nv 4

Alyssa had lockets for her and Avery made.  Inside there is a wish, castle and Disney charm.  And it’s pink and sparkly!!

avery miss nv 3

Alyssa helped Avery make this “dress” for the fashion show.

avery miss nv

More of our summer fun to come!!!!