McCall’s M5793


Alright, so you are going to get some random posts over the next few weeks.  I am gathering all the pics of the things I have made and their pattern numbers. 

  In these, after reviewing all the photos, Avery is sitting perfectly posed.  Payton has a forced look on her face and Hallie was never close to the same position twice (she moves way to much!).  And they all look so LITTLE!  Kind of makes me sad…kind of makes me happy. 

  And almost all of the pics with Avery are pre-tumor diagnosis.  She doesn’t even look like the same kid at all.  Sigh….











Even Hallie said, “I was so cute!”  Yes, yes you were…are.


Ruffled Skirt

By Stephanie

   So a friend at church gave me a great contact to do some pattern testing.  YAY!  More sewing.  I tested this ruffled skirt pattern.  And all her patterns are reasonably priced.  That is a plus!

   I made it for Avery so I left the bottom layer of tulle off since she is super sensitive right now.  Believe me when I say the pics do NOT do it justice.  It is the most amount of fabric I have worked with in a LONG time.  Layers and layers.  Super girly and twirly.  I am going to make a cute belt with a big flower to complete the look.  She is thrilled to have a new skirt. 



Endure to the end

By Stephanie

   Sometimes I hate the word “endure".  Sometimes it’s all we can do just to hang on…by a thread. Or a thread of a thread.

   We are done.  We are all done with chemo.  All except her doctor.  He says we are not done.  We had ANOTHER delay.  BOOOOO! 

   That is how the last few weeks have been. Frustrating.

     We found out after the last dose of chemo Avery decided to pour her drinks down the drain and not take her meds.  FOR THREE DAYS!  Actually I was suspicious of her, and her dad got her to confess.  Otherwise it may have been longer before we knew everything.  SERIOUSLY BAD…if you didn’t already know!

   So the next day (and every day after) I have had to sit and watch her take her pills and drink her drink.  Let me tell you about the first drink…waling and gnashing of teeth comes to mind.  She yelled “you are ruining my life.”  I didn’t expect to hear those words until she was at least 13.  So I laughed, which made her more mad.  She actually said, “You are running my life.”  Yes, yes I am.  When you show you are not old enough to have that responsibility, I take it from you. It’s my job.  The pay sucks, but the benefits are good.  It’s my job.  

  After that my mom bribed her with $5 for every drink she drinks in 30 minutes or less.  Surprisingly she has had better luck getting them down.

   I found this great link.  Drops of awesome.  I just can’t stop thinking about it.  She puts the Atonement in such a great visual.  It really has made me think.   And it is helping us “endure”.  Although if the doctor said we are done today, we would all be grateful.


Back to the Grindstone

By Stephanie
   I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season!  Our's was amazing.  We had FOUR, yes folks, that is FOUR families that picked us to do the twelve days of Christmas.  Two let us know who they were, the other two, we have no idea.  But we do have some awesome ideas for us to do a family next year.
   Our holiday season was mostly uneventful.  Mostly.  During one of Avery's doctor visits (she was on a break from chemo) her doctor recommended we do the NG tube.  Her weight was the same, but she just didn't look good.  FULL ON MELTDOWN from her.  He laid out what she needed to do, and so far she has done it.  She even had two helpings of enchiladas for breakfast (I don't care what she eats, just that she eats).  She does look better, so we avoid the NG tube agian (I think).
   New Years Day, Chris and I decided to go to the movie.  But I wanted to see Les Mis and he really didn't.  Katie and Ty were in town and my mother and father-in-law also wanted to go to the movies.  So the girls went and saw Les Mis and the boys, some other stupid movie that I would never pay to see.  Avery had had a bloody nose earlier that day, but then she was fine.  The movie (the almost three hour movie) was almost over when I got a message from Nathan that "Avery's nose has been bleed the whole time you have been gone and now she is crying and feels sick."  WHAT??  Okay, time to go over what "emergency" means with the thirteen year old.  Blood =call mom.  So Katie and I left the movie early and rushed home.  I called her doctors office and they had us take her into the ER.  Which was SUPER packed that night.  But they got us right in and got her blood work.  Her red blood was low but her platlets (the stuff that clots the blood) was SUPER low.  It was 13.  She has never been under 18.  You are probably 200, but for her 40-50 is high.  But under 20 she needs a transfusion.
   So we spent a long night getting blood.  And we had to delay chemo a week.   But we are on the count down.  IF there are no more delays...10 weeks to go.  We are shooting for her Birthday (March 30th), which is also Easter weekend (March 31st), which is also spring break!  If not, it'll be okay, but we are HOPING!!
   And I have a TON of sewing projects and a house to MUCK out.  We have Avery's Make-a-Wish run on Feb. 2nd, which is also Payton's baptism date.  It will be a long but fun day.
   If anyone wants to come run with us or donate here is the link.
Avery's Team 5K or 1 mile run
   We are trying to raise enough for one wish.  Which is about $2500!  I know it's right after Christmas, but if you can, please help make other kids wishes come true!!