What's on the Inside that Counts

So I had an unexpected blessing this last week. My washer stopped working. How is this a blessing you ask? Well, it took me a long while before I figured that out. This washer was just over a year old. And two weeks out of warrantee. SUPER frustrating! Oh, they did offer me an extended warrantee for $235.....I only paid about $400 for it in the first place. My hubby jinxed it by saying "we only need it to last a year".

I thought it might have been the move, but then I remembered it did quit in the middle of a cycle a few times in Arizona. So....not that. I finally broke down and called the landlord to bring the other washer he had in here back. He had it brought that night and I had to clean that up (just like everything else in this house) before using it. Then I ran a load of towels with baking soda and white vinegar. Not only to clean the machine, but the towels as well. Well...what do you know? But those towels came out fluffier then I can remember! Then it hit me...my new shiny washing machine has NOT been washing clothes for a long time! I had noticed the kids clothes were getting pretty dingy. I thought they were just too old. I was going to spend a LOT of money replacing those items. When it wasn't the clothing, it was the washer!!
Lesson learned...just because it looks nice and shiny on the outside, doesn't mean it's good. I think this goes for people too. Don't make a judgement based on the outside appearance. Sometimes the ones that don't look the part might be just the one for the job.
Have a great Easter!!