Mrs. Nevada Pageant

    Avery (dad and I) got to attend this years pageant which was held last Sunday at the SunCoast.  It was super fun for her and she was awarded “girl of the year” from the Project Teddy with a crown and sash.  She loved it.  And we (the family) got one day passes for Disney to have her end of chemo party!!  HORRAY!!!
  I however, was a little concerned at the women putting so much emphasis on outward beauty.  I am SO lucky to be in a church where we focus on the inside.  Even from the time they are small, girls are taught that true beauty comes from within. 
   This is the founder of Project Teddy, Suzie Monahan, Mrs. Nevada 2010.  I have to say out of all the ladies she was the most beautiful there.  Even my hubby commented on that.  It’s because she is truly giving and you can see that. 
   We are so so blessed!!! 
a crappy pic I took with my phone of Avery and Suzie....


New Look Pattern 6309



This was a dress I made the girls when we were in Washington.  The top is a crushed velvet and the bottom was a bolt of fabric my mother-in-law had left over from her oldest daughter, Lisa’s wedding.  Lisa had her bridesmaids in this color.  Funny how it all comes back around. 

Avery is super good at posed looks.  They all have a half pettiskirt underneath to make it full.  It swished when they walked…






Hallie and Payton’s dress were from this same pattern.  Avery’s was another.  Hallie looks super annoyed.  At least Nathan was smiling! 



A little Vaca

By Stephanie

   I KNOW…it’s been SSSSOOOO long!  Sorry…again.  There are just some days that I can’t think about it, let alone write about it.  How do you write about your daughter is being stuffed with toxic medicine.  And she doesn’t eat.  And the other kids are sick of it.  And although you do have amazing opportunities, you would wish it all away….if only you had a wand. 

   And speaking of wands…I would like the Harry Potter version of Pinterest.  The one that every time you pinned something….it magically appeared in your life.  My dinners would all be wonderful.  My butt would look amazing.  My home would be spotless and decorated perfectly. 

   But since I don’t have a wand and can’t wish my daughter better, or make dinner appear and still have to exercise, I will try to be better.  

   I am working on a few dresses that I am super excited to post about.  But in the meantime, you are going to get a few other items that I have made and just want to show off…not really.  I just want to have a catalog of the patterns I have used. 

  OH, and Avery had her LAST dose of this round of chemo last week!!!  She gets this week and next off.  Then on to our LAST ROUND (I can’t say that enough).  Four more doses!!  Then DONE, DONE, DONE!!  (Hopefully!!) 

   AND…..Avery ate three and a half pieces of pizza the other night!  WOOO HOOOO!!!  We are all thrilled when she eats more than Hallie!