What do you see?

So what do you see when you look in the mirror? What do you think others see when they see you? Two things that PLAGUE women from their teens on!
So how do we change that? And how do we help the next generation with this?
I have been sewing! SO MANY DRESSES! I am on a mission. To make beautiful yet modest dresses. Some every day, but mostly for special occations.
I LOVE doing this, but I also was concerned that my time was being spent in a material way. I agree there are lots of frumpy options out there and not many that teen girls would like while still covering them up, however my focus is all on appearance. On clothes.
Don't get me wrong, I ADORE fashion. Project Runway one of my favorite shows. However, was I spending my time in the best way by focusing on clothing? I have struggled with this....until NOW!
Last night I had the best lessons on fashion, clothing and modesty! So now I will share with you...

Beauty Redefined
www.beautyredefined.net (not a link, stupid old computer...)

This has me thinking of my body and beauty in a WHOLE different way! And my new business of dresses, as something good. Not material. Helping them have good options for prom and homecoming. This is a GOOD thing! YAY.

And one other thing to share. When the housing market crashed we were deeply effected. But I am so glad that we were. I learned some valuable lessons that help me today.
First, I started sewing again. ALOT. I can make dresses for my girls and my self for about $12. Not bad.
Second, I got creative. With everything. I learned to repurpose and bargain shop. So far in my dress journey, I have two dresses that were $2 each! They do need a LOT of work, but $2?? That wouldn't even cover the thread and zipper! Plus I have some ideas to fit multiple sizes. And maybe do some separates! I am getting excited with this new adventure.
OH, and we are moving....again. I know. This is our 13th move in 18 years! Seriously.....