The Honeymoon is over...

    I am not referring to Chris and I. This is about Payton.  And no, I didn’t just marry off my soon to be ten year old.
     So for anyone without a type 1 diabetic, this is when the pancreas REALLY stops working.  Usually when diagnosed the pancreas works about 2-5% still.  For some this is over in a few months.  For Payton, it’s actually taken almost a year.  And we had about a year and half of testing and watching before that.  So we count ourselves lucky to have had the slow induction into insulin, testing and carb counting. 
    Payton has been on the pump for almost four months now.  And we are super grateful that we had that time to get that part figured out before the big changes hit.  The pump is NOT an easy device.  It does amazing things, but it also requires a lot more work.  Testing at least four times a day and constant downloading to reassess settings.  But the trade off is being able to change as much as once an hour how much insulin she is getting.  That’s cool.  And then you can have it give you 50% of the insulin up front and the rest over time.  Like when you go to a movie and eat popcorn.  You don’t want the insulin all at once when you are snacking.  OH and the BEST thing???  You change the site once every two to three days.  It’s like having one shot verses at least four a day.  And if Payton has lets say a Christmas party, she can snack away without having to give a shot for every few items she eats.  SUPER COOL!

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