Home is Where the Heart is

Where is home? It's where those you love are. That was a quote I remember from probably pinterest. Home. Our home has been in many places. Mostly Vegas, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Arizona. We have had big houses and tiny ones. Ones with one bathroom and others with three. Some of our favorite homes are the small ones. For some time we have even lived with family in their homes.
One of my greatest friends Kathy, had her special needs guy, Isaac, go home last night. Home to that heavenly home. And while I was frustrated with a sewing project and having (what I thought was) a hard day, this news brought that all into perspective. Life here is short. We are not merely mortal beings trying to have an heavenly experience, but we are heavenly beings having a mortal experience. (Another quote, don't know who by).
Where do you feel at home. Can you feel at home in a hospital room surrounded by monitors and beeping sounds? Or is home where the yelling happens (mine, I will admit it). Everyone says that the kids are little for only a short time, take advantage of that. I try to. I will also admit, I would MUCH rather sew that play a game with my kids. But some days, you just have to focus on them.
Let the dishes go for one night. Ramen noodles for dinner isn't going to kill them. Try to stay focused on our home. Our heavenly home and make our homes reflect that.
Btw, it's Payton's birthday. She is 10 today. As we celebrate her 10 years here, we also celebrate Isaac and his not quite 8 years here. The light and hope he brought to many. And celebrate the One who made it possible to return home and stay there, despite our short comings.

Some pics of previous homes...

The girls fairy room, Nathan's Transformer room, and the house in St. George...

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