Avery is doing great.  She is getting her strength back and is super mad she can't swim, but in a few weeks she will be able to.
We are looking for houses, it's really stressing me out about what schools for the kidos.  I had (actually have) the girls signed up for a charter school.  But the special ed advisor looked at Avery's IEP and they can't accommodate the braille or the cane.  So we decided public school was going to be her best option.  We didn't want the two other girls in a different school.  So we are looking for a good elementary and Jr. high.  It's kind of tough.
But with all we have going on, we know there are many with heavy things too.  It seems like everyone has hard things right now.
We had rain for the 4th.  I know...we are cursed.  But by evening it was gone, and today totally sunny again. YAY!  I thought I might have a hard time adjusting back to the heat....nope!  Not at all.  I have all our long pants ready for storage. Won't be needing those for like 6 months.   Or ever.
So happy summer.  To all our friends in Washington, now that we are gone you should have some warm dry days.


  1. So glad you are getting sunshine! And that Avery is doing better! We really miss you and your family! Please know that our hearts and prayers continue to be with you all! Hugs!

  2. yes it has been sunny but it doesnt make up for you guys being gone :)