We r still here...

By stephanie

    We are still here...
  No really.
      I only get Internet on my I pad...I so need a real keyboard.  I am working on it.
    I love our new house.   It has a lot of room. Tons of decor possibilities.  A few areas with challenges to work on.  But it comes with SUNSHINE.   I have tan lines.   Oh the vitamin D bliss.  I do miss the great ladies in WA.  And our Dr.s.  Not the Rain.
     Avery.......oh my Avery. Ok now we get to see how lucky we were on steroids. She eats nothing.   Literally.  Eating three crackers and two capri suns a day is big for her.   This is going on for FIVE weeks!   She's already had fluids...twice. I think wednesday she will need more.  And in two weeks she has her diet restrictions.  I have NO idea what we will do then.

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