On the Go....

By Stephanie

Okay, so here it is...

She is not eating.  She has not been eating or eaten a "real meal" in SEVEN weeks.  Not kidding.  We have been discussing this at the doctors.  We have been giving her fluids and watching her.  We have been worried.  (She is now down to pre-steroid weight.  It should have taken 7 months for that, not 7 weeks).

She had platelets and red blood cells last week.  And again yesterday.  That is another contributing factor to why she feels so crappy.  But I CAN'T get her to eat.

Then Monday night she started throwing up.  A lot.  All the time.  All night, all day. How can someone that doesn't eat throw up...good question.  I don't have the answer.

So NOW we get to go to the doctor every day this week.  They are trying to set us up with an at home something to give her "food" through her IV.  That sounds fun...and expensive.  I think we could make another house payment with all our out of pocket co-pays and meds this month.  Because of course we have tried three different new meds for nausea.  All of which don't work.

Yep, I am tired.
Yep, I am frustrated.
Yep, we will figure this out....eventually.

Oh and for all those that your kids are already in school.....LUCKY!!

I was going to post pics of my cute curtains.  But they...along with the rest of my life, will just have to wait.

Oh and if you want...you can contribute to our medical fund.  We are thankful for all of your prayers, support and love.  It helps me be not so crazy....mostly.

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  1. Sounds frustrating. We pray for Avery all the time...probably should include tired mama. We miss you all and the Walls and the Dezembers and Scmidtliens and everyone else moving out. Next looks like it will be the Swindels. Two weeks till school here. 90 and in the pool right now.