Busy, busy, busy

By Stephanie


   I have been super busy.  Partly because my mom was here and was lending an extra hand.  I wore us both out.  She went home yesterday.  I am in withdrawals.

   Avery has been busy…eating.  Kind of.  My mom bribed her with money, $1 a bite.  She earned a LOT of money this last week.  I am okay with it since it was getting her to eat.  Even if it was only a few bites at a time. 

   Every night we are hooking her TPN up.  Here is what it looks like when I lay everything out.  It takes about 30 minutes to add the vitamin, zantac and get the pump ready for her. 


Then it goes in this briefcase like backpack until 12 hours later when it’s done.  You can kind of see the tube going under her shirt into her port on her left side.



I KNOW this is a crappy pic, but here is the little bit left in the bag in the morning.


All done.  She is being fed!  Plus with her eating we are looking at switching over to the NG tube (up her nose).  It will be better because it goes into her stomach. 

They have delayed her next chemo, she was suppose to start last Wed (Aug 22) but we had to delay.  We will see when we can get the next round going. 

Also they started school!!  YAY!  She even got the “GO'” from her doctor to go her first day.  She ate a chip, yep just one, for lunch.  But she went.  She loved it.  And she came home exhausted!!  All my kids are in school.  For at least an hour I am alone.   Hallie is in pm kindergarten and Nathan gets home at 2:20pm.  So it’s not much alone time, but some.  I’ll take it. 

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