Avacado Salad

By Stephanie

Okay, I saw this on pinterest.  I have tried some things on pinterest that are NOT so yummy.  But this one is!! Oh my, it is SUPER yummy.  I have been trying to do low carb, Amy will tell you, I have no will power.  I really can’t do low carb.  But some days I try.  This was one of those days.  I had left over chicken that my mom had made (mom’s fried chicken…YUMMO) that I chopped up.  Then I chopped an avacado and tomato.  Added pine nuts and feta and holy cow delic!!  Super easy.  Super yummy.  And seriously no dressing needed.  I did have some lettuce that I finely shredded and added to the bottom, but really it didn’t need it.  But you can.  And I am not posting a recipe, but I just added “some” of each.  Make it the way you like it. 



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