Maxi Dress

   So we had someone generously give us tickets to “Shrek the Musical”.  My dear hubby said, “you know we need to look nice.”  Hum……does that mean that he thought I didn’t know that you dress up a bit for a nice event?   Or was he saying I didn’t have anything to wear?  I was trying not to be offended.  THEN…I remembered I have fabric.  I have a very cool fabric and in just a few hours…without a pattern, I had a cool maxi dress. 

I tried it on and showed him.  Even he was impressed.  SCORE!


I know it’s hard to see the fabric, but it has small stripes and stretches.  But then it has these variegating stripes of the black.  It was fun and comfortable too.  Glad I have a huge stash of fabric….                 

P3229591-001 P3229597-001     P3229596-001

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