St. Baldrick’s and Criss Angel


We had a fabulous weekend.  I do worry sometimes the people will think we are exploiting Avery.  But we get calls all the time for events for Avery.  We have never (not once) solicited these for her. 

  We started out the great weather weekend with the St. Baldrick’s head shaving at McMullan’s in Las Vegas.  What a great place.  The owners lost a baby (yes, a baby) to cancer years ago.  So for the last seven years they have hosted this event.  Last year they raised an obscene amount of money.  I don’t have the totals from this year, but I am sure they did at least as well.  Our resident awesome photographer, Melissa Jacks, came and brought her mini-me (her daughter Ashton).  If you need photos, Melissa is BRILLIANT with a camera…Seriously. 


st baldricks IMG_0058


IMG_0072 IMG_0014



THEN…..we got invited to Criss Angel’s Believe.  AND he asked us back stage….

criss angel

The show was A M A Z I N G!!  It even kept Hallie in her seat the entire time!!!  Criss is an Angel.  We had great seats.  There was another girl there who was just diagnosed with a serious kind of cancer.  She is 16. Criss was super sweet to both girls and our family. 

OH and it was Nathan’s 14th birthday.  He was super thrilled about the cancer event, but didn’t complain either.  Now he gets to go to church dances (gulp!). 

  Hope your weekend was filled with sunshine and hope like ours was!

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