Avery had ANOTHER delay.  This is getting old.  BUT, we are getting ready for the Southern Nevada Make a Wish Gala.  SUPER fun.  And trust me when I say, you are NEVER overdressed at a Las Vegas event.  So we have to go big.  I have been stressing over my dress.  Here is what I came up with.  There is no pattern….Sorry.



Just a maxi dress, but the fabric is super awesome.  Dresses it up.  I might try to find a black leather belt instead of the shiny one.  Maybe….if I have time. 



P4029602     P4029601


It is made from a super cool light blue metallic fabric.  The underneath is lined in a black satin.  I put pennies in sewed into the hem to keep it from flying away and give it some weight.  A great idea…I know.  Genius. 

   Hopefully we will have news of getting chemo this week!!  Here is hoping!!!

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