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    Alright, it’s been an eventful few weeks.  First, the Avery update.  No chemo last week.  Platets and red blood transfusion.  Then Sunday she had had a low grade fever for 12 hours, so got to spend 5 hours in the ER.  Her counts were ok. So then we got to go home.  I relate the ER to the machine from “Princess Bride”.  It sucks the hours or days out of your life.  Anyway, no chemo again today.  Her other counts were okay, but her ANC was SUPER low.  That is the white blood count.  White blood is the stuff that fights infection.  She can’t go to school or anywhere really until Monday.  Unless she gets a fever.  And then we can go to the hospital for a few day stay.  Let’s REALLY pray that doesn’t happen.  THREE MORE DOSES TO GO…….

   On a lighter note, we had some birthdays.  Mine for one.  I am officially past my 30’s.  It’s weird.  I don’t feel older than 33.  Actually closer to 28.  So if you ask, I may/may not admit my new age. 

   Avery turned 10.  She is finally in double digits.  She shares her birthday with three other cousins.  Actually, it’s even cooler than that.  We had babies on March 30th, four years in a row!  So Allyson is 12, Hannah is 11, Avery is 10 and Shakur is 9.  They are all seriously strong Aries personalities.  Hannah lives in AZ, but was here for spring break.  She came to the doctor with us and it ended up being a trip to the hospital.  It was Avery’s best trip to date.  Because Hannah and her laughed and giggled the entire 9 hours we were there.  Hannah did have to look away when they did anything with blood.  She has a weak stomach. 

avery and hannah   

   I have been sewing…a lot.  Big surprise, I know.  It’s therapy for me right now.  And  I love creating.  I saw this link for another blog.  It’s about creating and not being afraid to try new things. 

    There are other things besides using a pattern to make something.  I would love to learn patternmaking.  I am working on that darn second book of my trilogy.  I needs to get done.  And there are lots of other things I want to try.  But we do need to get through chemo first.  AND Payton is having what appears to be blood sugar issues.  I have a niece that is 11 that is diabetic.  I am REALLY praying that it isn’t that.  But when I take Avery to the Endocrinologist next week, I added Payton to her patient list that day too.  We will see what she says.  Always a medical adventure at our house!!

  I hope you all are having a warm and great spring like we are!!!

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