Frozen meal group

By Stephanie

If you have never tried being in a group where you “swap” meals, I am hoping to inspire you.  There are hundreds of ways to do this, but I will share the way  that I do like to do the meals. 

Find six friend with similar family size and kidos ages.  I don’t know why but 6 seems to be the magic number. 

Then decide on 20 meals.  We make a list of chicken, beef,  pork and vegetarian so you get a good variety. Otherwise it seems you end up with 18 chicken dishes.  Make sure you are thinking of the season you are going into.  Like if it is spring, think of grilling recipes.  Almost any recipe can be converted into a freezer meal.  The only things we have found that totally don’t work are heavy cream and raw potatoes.  And we try not to have more than two or three of meals that need to go into pans, like enchiladas or lasagna. The rest go in gallon freezer zip top bags.  You put them into your freezer with two paper towels in between laid flat. 

It helps to have software that figures out your grocery list.  Allrecipies has one and the one I use is called advantage cooking.  But I am sure there are others. 

Start thinking about getting a group together. Over the next week I will give you the details of how mine works. 

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  1. As someone who was blessed to be part of Stephanie's dinner groups in the past, I highly endorse her way of doing things! Wish we were closer because I'd be wanting to join up again :)