by Stephanie
  I know you keep checking and thinking, when is that girl going to post something.  I know, I apologize.  I have been distracted.  Not by my kid with a brain tumor, not by pinterest, not by preschool (it was my turn to teach this week), not by dinner group, not by holiday shopping.  Although all those things are fun, and have taken some of my time,  it’s my book.  And yes, I know that every bored housewife in America is hoping to hop on the Stephenie Meyer bandwagon.  Even if we share the same first name and she spells it wrong.  I guess I am one of those. 
   I don’t care if I make a million dollars, although that would be nice.  I just want to make enough to build my house.  I have had house plans for two years, just drooling and dreaming over this house.  But alas…no fundage.  So if by chance my work paid off…literally…I would be grateful.  But I know there are hundreds if not thousands of books out there, that never really get anywhere.  So if anyone has experience publishing an e-book, PLEASE leave a comment with your email.  I would LOVE some advise.
   Anyway…. it’s a fiction.  Young Adult fiction to be exact.  It’s kind of like  Goose Girl meets Ranger’s Apprentice.  And it’s almost done.  I have a few more chapters (they are short chapters) to go.  It could be a series, a trilogy really. 
   You may not be a reader.  Or even like this genre.  But here is the first chapter.  I would love to hear your feedback…unless you don’t like it….then keep it to yourself….
The name of the book is “Archer”’
Here is just a taste…….
He looked around.  His heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to burst right out of his chest.  He was nervous.  But that was expected.  This was his first opportunity to show his skill.  It wasn’t that he untrained, he had been preparing for this day since he was five.  And it wasn’t that he was young, fourteen was still fairly young, but he was mature for his age both in height and in emotion.  It was the weight of the task.   And for someone who was itching to show his skill in real life, it felt good to finally be needed.  But this was immense.  Even for someone as skilled as he.
     The King was on his right. He loved that man like a father.  They has spent countless hours practicing.  It was the king that first noticed his skill.  He being a grand archer himself.  And it was the king that rescued him from what would have been surely a life of squalor and poverty.  The king had not only provided for his physical needs, but he had a good education too.  Rare for his occupation or his background.  He felt blessed every day for what he had provided.  This was the least he could do to serve him in this way. 
    On his left,  his other mentor, the head of the guard.   Although not in the fatherly way like the king.  The head guard was too much the soldier for emotions like pride and encouragement.
    Along with not letting his mentors down  he knew that if he failed it would be dire.  Dire as in death.  Death to at least the princess.  But this could certainly be reason for war.  And the innumerable deaths war brings.  He was only four when the last war broke out.  His father had marched off to war, never to return.  He knew the consequences of failure. 

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  1. I need to purchase a copy when it is done! I can already tell it is going to be a nail biter! Good luck. Oh.. what is E-book. Does that mean I can't buy a hard copy?