By Stephanie

Okay, I have been SUCH a slacker…I am going to TRY to be better.  The book is all done..kind of.  It’s written.  But that is the easy part, as I am now finding out. 
And the holidays are here!!  I LOVE Christmas.  It’s my favorite time of year.  The decorations, the food, the music, the family.  The magic of telling your kids if they don’t stop fighting Santa won’t bring them anything.  The addition of cream cheese and butter into everything…
  But I am in a funk.  First, because we thought we MIGHT be moving…nope.  Second, I think my seasonal depression has started early this year.  So I decided to go to pinterest.  OH MAN….I have been sucked in….for weeks.  I am trying to get back to cooking and blogging…and I will.  Just as soon and I get everything pinned.  JK, that would be too long.  But I DO need to get organized.  I put several things that I just haven’t loved since the last move on craigslist.  Already had a few inquiries.  And I walked through IKEA…if that’s not inspiration to get organized, I don’t know what is.  I would like to move into IKEA…without my kids.  They would just make it too messy.  Or my husband.  He can visit, but I honestly think he is my biggest challenge in this organization thing.  Hum…
Oh and IKAT.  Pronounced ee-cat.  Have you seen Ikat fabric?  Not the western looking ones, but there are some super cook ikat fabrics.  Like these……..
So what inspires you??  Yes, I really want to know!!

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