Foods that don’t mix with meds

By Stephanie

Avery is doing fine.  She didn’t go to school the last few days because she is sick to her stomach.  But that is actually ok with me since there is whooping cough and other icky things going around.  They sent seven kids home today sick.  

And she has to take her steroid during the day.  It’s easier if she is already home. 

It does take a toll on her school work, but her teacher is great and we are working that out. 

The other big thing is what she can eat.  There is one med that doesn’t mix with a lot of foods.  The reaction is dangerously high blood pressure.  That was enough to make sure she doesn’t eat any of these foods. 

Here is an idea (I haven’ listed everything)


cheese (except cream cheese, cottage cheese and ricotta)




lentils, fava beans, lima beans



sour cream

soy sauce

I don’t know about you, but I use cheese a LOT!  And it cuts out many desserts.  My mother-in-law was here and wanted to take the kids to Dairy Queen.   Blizzards are buy one get one for $.99.  We had to scour to find one that didn’t have chocolate.   There was a strawberry cheesequake flavor was her only option.  So it kind of sucks.  But its better than being blind or have a stroke or heart attach at 9. 

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