More News About Avery

Stephanie is in the hospital with Avery and she has asked me to update you with the latest news. On Saturday, Avery's eyesight got worse, if you can believe it! So, they went to the ER, where, after giving her lots of steroids, Avery's eyesight was stabilized. They kept her at the hospital, with the idea that as soon as the ophthalmology techs we in on Monday, they would check Avery's condition and take the necessary measurements so they would have an accurate baseline to better follow up on her condition after the surgery.
This morning after further testing and examination, the doctors believe that the tumor has embedded itself in her optic nerve and to do surgery would cause her to lose all of her eyesight. So, radiation is the next best option. Ideally, proton radiation is best, but because her eyesight has deteriorated so rapidly, they feel there is too much risk to wait for the time it takes to schedule such a treatment. So, traditional therapy will begin tonight or tomorrow.
This is an outpatient treatment and so Stephanie and Avery will be able to go home between treatments, but will have very different challenges from the previous brain surgery. Unfortunately, we are only beginning to realize some of those. The first is that Avery will most likely lose all of her pituitary gland. The others will be forthcoming in the next little while. Stephanie said she has more questions than answers at this point and I know she would appreciate your prayers.


  1. Oh dear. Good luck to all involved as well as thoughts and prayers.

  2. I've talked with my girls and a family member who cuts hair and they'd love to cut their hair for Locks of Love in support of Avery. We'll be extending that invitation to other friends of Avery as well. No date planned yet. We'll let you know. Hugs and prayers to you all!!!!