By Stephanie

So we spent Saturday night in the hospital.  She had a fever.  If a chemo patient has a fever over 101, they go to the hospital.  Her red blood cells where low so they gave her a transfusion.  We had to spend the night.  Thanks to amazing friends, the other three were taken care of.

Here is some pics of her cool new hair cut and new incisions.  She can’t go swimming for at least four weeks.  She is SUPER bummed about that.  But at least we are moving somewhere that you get more than two weeks of warm weather for swimming. 


Were were going to shave the other side, but she has a kind of Willow Smith/Rianna look going on.  So I think we are going to leave it. And yes, she is still puffy from the steroids.  But we go down another dose this week.  About 20 more days and she will be off the steroids.  Then her body can start to get rid of the water.


I have LOTS of packing to do…so the chaos of my house continues. 

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