Make a wish day 2

By Stephanie

SO…As I am suppose to be packing…but really I am sewing (pics coming), I thought I had better give you at least a few more days of our trip. 

Day 2 was at Epcot.  There were a few reasons for this. 

#1 Magic Kingdom is crazy busy on Mondays.  If you saw the line for the monorail to MK, that day you would know this is truly the case.  But it was super short to Epcot.

#2 Was Avery had requested a princess meal (SUPER expensive but did come with pics).  We decided to do a late lunch.  It was cheaper than dinner and for us it was about our normal time to eat.  Being three hours off the first day actually had an advantage for us.  Nathan wasn’t thrilled of course.  It did involve food, so he didn’t complain too much. 

I also learned some things about my kids eating habits. 

Nathan wants quantity not quality.

Avery is SUPER picky, like her dad.  If she doesn’t like it, she won’t eat it, even if she is starving. 

Payton will always pick the healthy choice. (She pick pistachios recently when Chris took them to the gas station for treats.  Really?  All those candies and she picks nuts?)

Hallie will always pick the item with the most carbs, preferably in straight sugar form and she doesn’t really eat meals, just snacks, all the time, again like her dad.  For one breakfast she picked the chocolate pancake with chocolate chips and whip cream.  She ate all the whip cream and said she was done.

disney10001 disney10002

Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

This is from the Canadian Pavilion.  By the end of the day Payton and Hallie were WORN out!

Untitled Untitled

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