Just Relax…

By Stephanie

   So my nephew Spencer Charles Curtin gets home from his two year mission with our church.  He has been up in Alaska.  Welcome home!  We missed you and I can’t wait to see you!!

   And just went I thought I could relax, since Avery had her two week break from chemo…..NOPE!

    Sunday she woke up with “fuzzy vision.”  For those that don’t remember….”fuzzy vision” has always meant something BAD.  So of course I panicked.  Called her oncologists office.  The doc on call didn’t seem as upset as I was.  He said to just watch her.  Okay…..

   Then later that day she was complaining of light headedness and her arm was feeling weird again.  Again I panicked.  Again the doctor didn’t seem as upset as I was.  He had me give her some steroids and plan to be in their office when her doc came in. 

   I didn’t sleep all that night.  I kept wondering if I should just stick her and I on a plane to Seattle.  First thing I called her ophthalmologist (I really like her btw).  Their office opened at 7am (who knew!).  So I took her right over. 

   She did a full exam.  Turns out her eyesight is getting BETTER!  WHAT??  Just slightly widening her field of vision.  But we will take it!!  So then I took her over to the oncologist office.  He did a CBC (blood count check), everything looked okay.  WHAT??? 

   Here is what they think.  Since she has her slight improved, the brain is not sure what to do with this new information.  Thus it comes out a bit muddled….fuzzy vision. 

   Her weight dropped again.  He said if she goes down TWO OZ., she gets an NG tube.  But he did give us off until Dec. 26th.  I think some (or most) of her issues are her eating and drinking.  He agrees.  But he is a softy and she cries when he mentions NG tube.  But he put the line down.  If she goes down at all….NG tube.  I actually wouldn’t mind getting it back in.  Then at least when something happens I know that is isn’t dehydration or lack of nutrition.  That it is something we can’t fix on our own and she needs to go to the hospital.  Right now, it’s hard to make that call. 

    Hope your holiday season is peaceful and relaxing…..

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