Tis the Season

By Stephanie
   So we knew that this cold and flu season we might end up in the hospital.  But so far we have been pretty lucky.  That was until I got a call on Friday.  Avery called from school.  But when she was talking to me her speech was slurred and she said she had a headache and stomach ache.  The head ache really concerned me.  So I picked her up and took her right to her dr's office.
  On the way she told me her left arm had been going numb.  OKAY...now I was in a complete panic.  All I could think of was stroke!  Her teacher called while I was on the road, she was also very concerned.  She doesn't have kids of her own and had never seen a seizure.  I was pretty sure it wasn't seizure, but I mentioned "stroke" and I think she just about had a heart attack herself.
    We got Avery's blood drawn and her red blood was low.  He sent us right to the ER for a head CT scan. Which luckily they did right away and......everything was clear.  They sent us up to peds to get her blood and some fluids.  We actually got to come home that night!  YAY.  After a bit of delay.....
   When she gets blood they usually give benedryl but because of her issues, he didn't premeditate  just in case.  Half way through the bag of blood, she broke out in hives.  They gave her hydrocortizone (her body is super low on that right now) and benedryl.  In 30 minutes, she looked better, so they gave the rest of the blood.  We got home about 11:30pm.  Not too shabby.  Especially since I thought we would be there at least one night.  
   So far no more numbness.  A bit of a headache, but that might be that she is a bit dehydrated.  We will see what the doc says tomorrow.

And to all a good night.......
      Hope you all have your shopping done.....I have a ways to go.

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  1. So glad you didn't have to sleep over. Poor baby, she is brave, her mama is too. :) We are praying for you.