Christmas ideas…

By Stephanie

  So we have had a rough week with Avery.  Since she got her NG tube out, she has lost 6 lbs.  She is the lightest she has been! SUPER NOT GOOD!  If you didn’t already know that.  It would be great for me….not for her.  Her doc almost put in the tube right there.  She cried.  So he gave her until today to drink two instant breakfasts a day and eat.  So far, so good.  So no NG tube…yet.  We will see if she keeps it up. 

And how is your holiday shopping coming?  Mine is pretty good since Avery got to do Shop with a Cop on Wednesday morning.  It is an amazing event put on by the North Las Vegas Police dept.  We showed up to Target (one of my favs) and Santa came in style.  In a cop car with lights and sirens blaring.  Then she got assigned an officer.  Hers was Officer Steve.  A super nice guy with three young boys.  Then they gave her $250 and an hour to spend it. 

   So the first 30 minutes I hung out at the front of the store.   Then I checked on them.  She needed to use the rest room, and her cart had four items.  While we were in the bathroom Officer Steve totaled her up.  She was at $30.  Okay, time for mom to step in and help.  We got sometime for everyone on her list, plus quite a hall for her.  She was thrilled. 

officer steve


  If you are able to participate in Shop with a Cop, I have a tip for you.  To help with holiday shopping try Abe books.  Just so you know, I don’t get paid to tell you about stuff.  My blog isn’t a money making machine.  I think I made $.32 in the last three months….Seriously.


   Abe books is a place for mostly used books.  IT”S AWESOME.  But just a note, watch the shipping.  There have been a few that the book was $1 but shipping was $9.  Just pay attention.  I was always been super happy with the books I have ordered.  



I had checked it out from the library and LOVED it…so I bought it.  And yes, I am working on making my own patterns.  I have enough of a grasp of patterns, but sometimes, they just don’t make what I am looking for…so I am making my own.  I made Hallie and outfit this week.  I forgot to take a pic.  Maybe next post.  But it turned out super cute. 

   For the reader on your list…try Abe books.

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