Miracles every day

    Well, we had an MRI and optho apt in the last 10 days.  When the doctor was going over Avery’s field of vision test, I seriously almost cried.  It looked like it did after her surgery, but before her sight started to go.  She still has peripheral vision issues, but she has a much wider range she sees now.

   I had asked the oncologist if it was the pressure from the fluid or the tumor making her sight go.  He said we don’t know.  So we just did a year of chemo that we may/may not have ever needed.  It’s always something that has weighed on my mind.  Especially when she was so sick. You try to do the best for your kids, but medicine is a lot of guessing.  But after seeing the optho report, I feel that we did the right thing.  Maybe that is just me making me feel better about dumping toxins into my 10 year old.  Maybe.

   I also have a new assignment at church.  Compassionate Service coordinator.  For those not of my faith, that is the person that arranges for meals, cleaning and babysitting for those families in need.  Like when they have a baby, or a kid with cancer.  I laughed when I got it.  Hopefully that means we are done with this chapter in our life.  I mean, how do you call someone to bring dinner to your own family??  Awkward.   Anyway, I am just hoping this is the Lord’s way of telling me we are good.  And I can use what I learned to help other families.  I can do that.

  My dear friend Kathy experienced a miracle too.  In her Counting to Ten, she talks about last weekends events.  Kathy herself is a miracle in my life.  She is little and feisty, and loving and always there when I need her.  She has been a HUGE blessing in my life.  LOVE her!!!

  So here is to counting your blessings. 

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