New Beginnings

School is almost in…have I said that before?  I am really excited…as you can tell. 
Along with getting a few hours to myself, I am going to try doing a cleanse.  I know, I know.  I probably don’t have the will power.  True.  But my friend Anna, who is beautiful and skinny already, has lost like 11 lbs.  THAT my friends is MOTIVATION! 
She is doing the Green Smoothie Girl Detox.  So, I am going to do it too.  Nope it’s not all green smoothies.  There are supplements and stuff that I am not going to do, sorry Green Smoothie Girl.  But I am going to my best attempt to do it 100%.  Okay 97%. 
I am excited to not have to think about what’s for dinner.  Or breakfast or lunch either (at least for me). 
If anyone wants to join me, go right ahead.  Have some buddies along is always helpful!
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