By Stephanie

      Okay, I accidently made myself a skirt.  I know what you are thinking…how do you “accidently” make something?  Here is how it started.  I was making my girls tiered ruffled dresses (i do NOT recommend this for a beginning sewer).  The pattern I had only went to size 8.  Avery is not a size 8, even in patterns.  So I measured and cut the skirt bigger.  Only I accidently cut it the bigger amount on each side instead of adding 1/2 the amount on each side.  When she tried it on, after I had all FOUR ruffles on it, she was swimming in it.  At that point I knew it would be easier to start over than unpick the entire thing! 

The girls dresses…



      That night when I was laying in bed I thought, “I wonder if the skirt would fit me?”  Sure enough if did.  It was even long enough, barely.  I actually originally turned it into a dress using my early Christmas gift…the dress form seen here.  Only I didn’t try it on myself.  HUGE mistake.  HUGE.  SO….after unpicking all that, I turned it into a skirt.  And paired with these divine ruffled boots my sister’s sent me last year and this ruffled cardigan from Down East Outfitters.  My skirt is more champagne colored and there’s are all light gold. 


PC129011    PC129022

  I got compliments GALORE!  Don’t ask for a tutorial, I couldn’t duplicate it if I tried.  But it you would like to try, I started with Butterick Pattern number 4967#.   You will have to figure it out from there.  But it’s a good start.    

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  1. Great job! I didn't even sew for Rachel this year. With being pregnant, I didn't feel up to it. Maybe for Easter. You get better and better each time. Beautiful!