Avery Update and Navy Dress

By Stephanie

So many of you are wondering…how is Avery?  Great.  Really.   She is starting to come off of the hydrocortisone…yay!!  And then they will see if her adrenals are working.  But she has grown, so that is a VERY good sign.  Then they can take her off the thyroid and she will be left with her two anti-seizure meds.  That would be SO nice.  Otherwise she is really doing great.  Just like any other 8 1/2 year old kid.

Meanwhile….I have still be sewing.  I made this navy dress.  One of the HUGE downsides to sewing is you can’t try it on until it’s almost done.  I was debating between two different patterns and I am SO happy I chose this one.  SUPER flattering!!  And right now I am so into navy and purple.  That’s why I added the necklace.  And I am including a pic of shoes that I totally covet…..maybe for my birthday.

P1249099 P1249100


And yes I realize I live somewhere that you can only wear peep-toe pumps about 2 months out of the year……I am SO not acclimating well.

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