Happy New Year!!

By Stephanie
I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season!  But not it’s time for working out and mucking out.  I know, it sounds like a dirty word.  It is…kind of.  It’s my word for going through all the stuff I have that I really don’t need or don’t use and get rid of it!  Mucking. 
  And if you are looking for a good workout dvd, try Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30!!  It’s under $10 and a killer workout!  I am on my third go round (I have been doing it for 14 weeks) and I STILL can’t do the advance moves.  I wake up sore every morning…still.  It’s effective.  And all you need is 30 minutes and a set of hand weights (mine are 5lbs).   
  I try to have a new word for the each new year.  Two years ago it was faith (that’s the year we moved to WA).  Last year it was endure (Just go though last years posts!).  This year, I think it will be hope.  Hope seems more positive than the last two years, don’t ya think? 
   I hope I get more sunshine.
  I hope I get my book edited and published.
  I hope to be more organized.
  I hope to be more open to new things.
  I hope to get my blog posts done in a timely manner.
  I hope my kids get their chores done the first time I ask and don’t fight.
It a start…….

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