New Obsession-Washi Tape

By Stephanie

I know, I get tunnel vision SO easily!  So…… I have a new obsession.  Washi Tape.  What is Washi tape you ask?  It is a tape that is colored or has a design printed on it.  It rips like paper, but sticks like tape. And is usually transparent.  Kind of like tissue paper as a tape. 

AND it comes in houndstooth……..holla!!


Why is this so cool you ask?  Because….get creative and go with me here……

If you are a renter (like me) you may not want to paint or you can’t paint.  This leaves you with limited options for decor.  But you can use this tape for all kinds of stuff!!  You can make faux chair rail, faux shadow boxes or a cool design on the wall or door.  AND it comes right off when you want or need it to come down. 

Now there IS a product called Giant Washi tape.  Really wide and made for putting on the wall.  Not currently available in the U.S.!!  Made in Japan.  I THINK I have found an etsy seller that can get it for me.  I will let you know if I do!!

Don’t think this was my idea.   I got it from The Borrowed Abode.  She has some ideas for decorating a rental. 


In the meantime, dream about all the cool things you can do with washi tape. 

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