By Stephanie

So, I have been on a spring cleaning binge.  It feels like spring, it’s been 60 degrees here.  (Actually it was 60 degrees in July last year, so maybe it's summer cleaning).  As soon as I could tear myself away from pinterest to actually USE a few of the thousand ideas I have posted, I found these frames that weren’t holding anything special.  I used a can of white spray paint (Under $4 at Wal-mart) and used poster board for the backing (I also had laying around).  The floral fabric was some scraps from a dress I made last year and the burlap from the ruffled lamp shade.  The knobs for the jewelry holder I bought at our Re-Store for under $5.00 for all.  New bow holder and jewelry holder for under $10 for both.  Not bad…if I do say so myself….

Although I recommend if you do the jewelry one, use a chunkier frame.  The screws stick out of the back and might scratch the wall.  And I ended up adding a few more hoots and one more of the earring holders.  I didn’t know I had so many accessories.  Now I can see that I need to stop buying bracelets.  Didn’t know that before.

Before I added the jewelry.                                    With my stuff hung on it.

P2029132 P2029137

Ribbons in rows for the clips and I did two large loops for the headbands.  Much better than what I had before.  I had ribbons tied to that robe hook you see to the right with the bows just hanging down.  Pathetic.  But now, they actually look nice.  (yep, that was my little pat on the back to myself).


P2029121 P2029117

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