A Little Sparkle

By Stephanie

  When Amy was here we went to a store and I found the most amazing necklace.  It’s sparkly.  Super sparkly.  And it had iridescent colors of blues to browns.  As I was deciding whether to purchase the necklace, I asked Amy why I like shiny things so much.  She said because I have more of Hallie in me than I like to admit.  True.  And just trying taking Hallie to the jewelry section of any store.  You will never get out! 

  So I had to have a place to display my new find.  I whipped out the can of green spray paint, the knobs from the last jewelry holder (it wasn’t big enough).  And Voila! 

I realized I need more earrings!!  And that great new necklace is the one on the right.  Isn’t it fantastic?? 



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