Busy, busy, busy

By Stephanie
   When ever I hear someone say, “I am so busy,” not always, but occasionally I would like to punch them. Sorry, I realize this is super Un-Christlike.  I have repented.   I don’t even have time to post my week.  Just know it is CRAZY busy.  I have no idea when I am going to get groceries and we have been out of bread and milk for two days. 
   Avery had more chemo last night.  She had lost 4 lbs in a week, (wish that were me.  But if it means stop eating and drinking, I don’t have the will power for that!)  And got an NG tube.  And threw up.  It’s been awesome.  But there are things to look forward to.  We have been invited to  Gala….this Saturday.  I am panicking just a bit.  Okay, a lot.  No time to shop either.  Or make a dress.  It will all work out….somehow.   

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