The Winds of Change

By Stephanie

  For those that know me, you know I rearrange the furniture ALOT.  I can’t buy new stuff, so I move around to make it feel different. 

  I had arranged the furniture in our new living room.  I thought it was okay.  Until my two sisters-in-law came over.  It didn’t work.  The chairs under the window were hard to get to and it felt squished. 


I even took out the coffee table…..Nope.  Still didn’t work.  And the rug.  I loved the rug but when I got it next to my blood red couch….it looked green.  This was not working. 


Now with $150 worth of slip covers (Overstocks.com), the coffee table my hubby made in high school, a painting my mom did while she was here (AMAZING, I know) it feels SO much better.  After seeing the pics, I KNOW I need curtains….they are coming.  And other stuff on the white walls.  But it honestly feels so relaxing.  I LOVE it!! (when it’s clean).


Under the coffee table I used boxes (that Avery’s TPN came in) and covered them in a tiny green striped fabric.  (Don’t ask for a tutorial, I honestly just used LOTS of glue from the glue gun).  The girls have LOTS of coloring stuff.  This hides it away!!  And yes, I know you can see the HUGE mess on the bar in the background.  Only one room can be clean at a time!



My mom’s gorgeous painting. 


Speaking of change, we are changing Avery’s chemo protocol.  We are going with a Vincrystine and Carboplatin mix.  This way she can’t throw up the drugs, they all go through her port.  It will mean that we have to be at the doctors about every Wed., but that is ok.  We have been there more than that lately anyway. 

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