No Success

By Stephanie

    I am trying to remember as we go through out this journey with Avery, that she does have other siblings that need attention. 

   We had the honor of being one of the cancer kids invited to an event for the Padres Contra El Cancer.  Obviously a Hispanic foundation.  Most of the guests and celebs where Hispanic, but not all.  Avery and Nathan got to walk the red carpet with George Lopez, Eva Longoria, Kerri Walsh, Halston Sage (she’s on Nickelodeon), and Avery’s favorite, Cassie Scerbo (who is on the ABC family Make it or Break it).   Avery and Cassie share the same birthday.   It was an exciting night.   The entertainment was amazing.  I loved the food.  Avery did not (surprise) .  They raised lots of money for a great foundation. 

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I know the pics are super crappy.  I am getting better ones. 

   But all that being said, it was a great contrast to go to church the next day.  And see all the families dressed in regular clothes.  No flashing camera.  No heavy makeup.  Just families there to worship together. 

  The phrase “No success can compensate for failure in the home,” keeps ringing in my head.  I need to focus more on our family and not worry about the other things.  That alone is monumental.  But I need to keep plugging away.  I know I fall short on so many levels (almost all levels).  But I need to keep trying and improving.  Isn’t that what we are here on this earth to do?  To learn and grow.  Make mistakes, learn again, grow some more. 

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