Working, always working

By Stephanie
   I thought my home was coming along pretty well.  Until I stepped in that bowling alley of a room the two little girls shared.  It was a DISASTER.  To say the least.  So I stopped going in there….for the most part. 
  But while my uber talented sister and interior designer was here, I totally picked her brain for ideas.  And no, it isn’t done yet.  And yes I took this before they got home from school.  So we will see what it looks like tomorrow.  BUT, everything has a place.  And they have room to play and read.  And it doesn’t seem so long now.  Great suggestions Amy! 
This dress up area is a curtain rod I had and Ikea corbels.  Then add a mirror and basket, again, things I already had!  I do want a sign or some art work in this area… but that will come later.
You can see the darling Ikea light that Amy brought down.  I love Ikea (sigh)
I know there is still a ton of white wall space…I’m working on it.
Now you can see the cute bright fun quilts.  As long as they make their beds each morning…

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