Jiggler Cupcakes with Pudding Frosting

By Stephanie

   YAY!  Avery got the last bag of chemo yesterday.  This round is officially OVER!  We now only have three more to go.  I am sure there will be more delays, but for now…we have made progress. 

    Halloween is next week, I am so not ready.  I haven’t even bought candy yet.  At least the kids costumes were done thanks to my sisters and mom. 

   And the air has been turned OFF!  Hopefully til next May…. but we will see.  So I have finally done some baking.  I had seen the icing recipe on pinterest, but when my friend brought these over, I had no idea they would be so SUPER yummy. 


Jiggler Cupcakes

White or yellow cupcake recipe.  Like this one.  Or a mix…whatever you want.

Bake according to directions.   When cooled slightly, but still warm, make up any flavor jello you desire, but use half the water called for.  The small box is plenty but whatever you have is fine. 

Poke holes in the cupcakes with a fork or knife.  Pour about 1-2 tsp of Jell-O over cupcakes.  It’s easier if you leave it in the pan.  Put in the fridge and let set for 1-2 hours.  When set make up a package of vanilla instant pudding using half the milk called for.  Add in a small (8oz) container whipped topping.  Frost.  Try not to eat all frosting before it gets on cupcakes.  Also they need to be refrigerated if not eating right away…you may not have to worry about this.  They will be eaten quickly. 


Use can use different flavors of jello and even different flavors of pudding.  Like strawberry and cheesecake.  Or Orange and chocolate.  Use your imagination!!

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