Weekend fun

   By Stephanie

    So how was your weekend?  Mine was FABULOUS.  Avery had a dr. apt on Friday.  Her counts were low on Wed. so no chemo.  They were borderline, so he wanted to see her back on Friday.  We went back and her ANC (white blood counts) were up, that was good, but her Red blood cells were down.  Not to a scary level, but enough he felt that she need ANOTHER transfusion.  I think we do this about every other week now….

   BUT…..I had my hair apt already scheduled.  AND….Chris had the day off.  So lucky dad got to take her to the hospital.  They ended up giving her two bags of blood so they were there a mire seven hours!!  Payton (the 7 yr old) had been asking the next time we went to the hospital could she please go?  I felt this was the PERFECT opportunity for her to come and see what happens….a lot of nothing.  That kind of backfired since they spent most of the day in the playroom doing crafts.  Now Payton thinks it would be a good idea to go again….Oh no. 

   At least my hair is DONE.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  And yes I realize I need to take better pics, but here you go (if you haven’t seen it already).  I also got to enjoy the great feast that is also know as General Conference.  If you are not LDS, it’s where we listen to the leaders speak on Saturday and Sunday twice a year.  It’s such a great time to re-evaluate my life and priorities.  Some awesome talks were given. 

new hair cut  

On another note….

   Could you all stop pinning such delicious looking carbs on Pinterest?  I am DYING to do some fall baking.   All breads and desserts, of course.  I am going to be three sizes larger by Christmas if you all don’t stop with the yummy pins.  Just kidding…pin away.  But honestly, you are killing me.  Why do carbs taste so good and yet are so bad for me??  Pinterest, my love/hate relationship. 

This week we have Optho on Tues. and then that night Avery’s teacher is coming for tutoring, Oncology on Wed (maybe chemo), our great friends the Hansen’s are coming Wednesday to Satruday, Thursday Chris is going golfing and I am hoping to squeeze in some shopping with Dawn, Nathan has a campout on Friday, Avery has Activity Days on Satruday, we have a progressive dinner for church on Saturday night.  Seriously?  I feel like I am forgetting something….I may or may not remember it.  Anyway, if I don’t post til next week, know why.  

   OH, and I have the most fabulous dress idea!  I get obsessive that way.  I may make Dawn help me try to figure it out.  Or not.  We will see….

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