By Stephanie

    No, it’s not Avery we are celebrating about.  Actually she had a hard last few days.  She couldn't get chemo….again.  Her platelets are borderline…again.  So he wants to see her back on Friday to see if they come up on their own.  If not it looks like another fun Saturday in the peds ward getting platelets.  I asked Chris if he would take her, but his seven hour visit a few weeks ago turned him off.  At least he went once!!    And the Dr. wants her to see the GI specialist again.  He probably wants to scope her stomach and see why she has to be on Zofran every day.  She shouldn’t be nauseas every day still.  And her weight isn’t going down, but it isn’t coming back up either.  That is concerning.  The kid hasn’t grown in some time.  At least I don’t need to buy her new shoes or pants, the ones from last year still fit!  Not what we really want, but one less thing to buy.  Nathan on the other hand keeps growing at a rate I can hardly keep up with.  And he wears men sizes.  Not cheap!! 

   The weather here has finally dipped out of the 90’s.  It actually feels kind of nice.  I can open up the windows in the morning, but by night, I usually flip the air for a few hours.  It looks like by next week I can turn it off completely.  Looking forward to a much lower power bill.  And I have done some cooking.  I have some recipes I will FINALLY post in the next few days.  I love fall baking and cooking.  I am already craving pie and turkey.

    And today is our ANNIVERSARY.  It’s a biggie….FIFTEEN years.  I am fatter and Chris has less hair.  We didn’t have any idea the adventure we were about to take.  Four kids, nine moves to four states, many jobs, housing market crash,  medical issues, and throw in a bit of family drama.  But it’s all good.  I tried on my wedding dress just to see if it still fits.  It does if I suck in hard enough and don’t move…..oh well. 

Here are some highlights of the big day….

Chris looks like he is trying to be serious.  Really the sun was SUPER bright that day and he was trying to keep his eyes open enough for the pic.

wedding pics0001

Here is me and all the sisters and my one sister-in-law.  WOW, we all look so young. 

wedding pics0002

Here is us and our parents. 

wedding pics0004

And I just love this one.  This is of my cute grandpa.  Carlos Gardner (my mom’s dad).  It was the last time he attended the temple and he passed about just about a year later.  We actually spent our first anniversary going to his funeral. 

wedding pics0003


  1. Seriously Steph, you haven't aged one bit!! You have some fountain of youth secret that you aren't sharing.

    And I absolutely love that last photo with your grandpa...all of your expressions just say love!

    Love & miss you!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! And thanks for sharing the pictures! We sure miss you and your family! And, of course, you are all remembered in our prayers every single time. :-) We love you!