Mingle and Jingle

By Stephanie
Update on Avery.  SHE GOT HER NG TUBE OUT!!!  YAY.  Just in time for Driscoll family photos!  She isn’t eating as much as she should.  So we will see if it stays out.  
   She has a Make-A-Wish event on Wednesday night.  She gets to model some super cute clothes from Dillard's.
Here is her interview with the cute outfit (Jessica Simpson, btw.  Love her stuff!!)
Sorry you have to watch a commercial first....
Avery found this super cute coat while trying on her other stuff.  She is DYING over it.  She kept going back to the rack and looking at it…..and feeling it.  Honestly I don’t know where she gets her obsessiveness…….I seriously have a mini me……..that is kind of scary.   This might be a problem……
Super CUTE huh???   She tried it on in cream.  Love, but not practical.  She wasn’t a fan of the pink…total surprise.  It did come in black too, but it was too dark on her.  The red was the one that she would get.  DARLING!!
    It’s not too much, $50.  And it’s machine washable, plus.  But right now that isn’t in the budget, with the upcoming holiday and all.  So if anyone has any great Dillard’s hookups…let me know.  

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