A little RNR

By Stephanie

   So we took Avery to Arizona to visit family.  Guess what???  She ATE!  She ate a lot! (for her).  Chris tried this burger at Carl’s Jr.  She ate almost the whole thing…twice.  

    Then we came home…to the same thing as before.  Oh well.  At least while we were gone she did fantastic!  I will take improvement, even if it’s only for a few days. 

   And we made the cake.  HOLY CALORIES!!  It was good.  I would change a few things.  I will make it again with the changes and then post. 

    Now that I am home, and the laundry is mostly done, I am in a TOTAL PANIC!  Thanksgiving is in eights days!  And Christmas?  I don’t even want to do that number.   I have bought a few things.  But if you know me usually I am done by Halloween.  And I can’t get Hallie to commit to any one thing.  This might be scary. 

    A few things that might make your holiday season easier.  CROCKPOT LINERS.  For a few bucks you can save tons of time scrubbing out that messy ol’ crockpot.

crockpot liners

I totally suggest the three pack.  You will use that crockpot every day once you have these.  Throw in my Italian Beef Sandwiches or my yummy Scalloped potatoes.  You will thank me later.  

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