Pumpkin Season.

By Stephanie

   I LOVE the food this time of year.  The smells, the spices, the food.   I made Holly’s pumpkin cookies with maple frosting...yum!!

  Then since I had some left in the can, I made pumpkin bread.  And tonight I am going to make with my pumpkin bread…..pumpkin bread pudding!!

   And if that isn’t enough you can try the new pumpkin spice kisses!! My friend April brought us some.  Holy delic!!  (something else to help you carb load this season)


And we are celebrating!!  Avery is at school today.  She MIGHT go a whole day today.  I can count on one hand the number of days she has been to school this year for an entire day, including today.  So it’s kind of a big deal.  But she is looking better. 

  I was going through Avery’s closet and noticed she had almost no cute things to wear.  So I whipped up this little outfit.  Turned out cute…but I think she needs a hat.   Have to work on that.  Oh and with the bow, it’s adjustable.  So as she gains weight (thank goodness), we can let it out.  Or if little sister borrows it, we can synch it back in.  Kind of genius, I know.   I am working on a pattern.  It will probably be out sometime in late 2050….JK.


Btw, that pattern is called hounds tooth.  Don’t you just love it???  I do.  If you haven’t already noticed.

   Happy Carbgiving….I mean Thanksgiving!

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