Avery has had her last dose of chemo….hopefully EVER!!  WE are SO glad to be DONE!  Obviously.  We have at least a month of blood counts and watching her.  Then MRI scans to see.  Then in about 3-6 months they will take out her port.  It seems like the longest year of my life.  And actually it’s been almost 15 months since we started. 

   Thanks to all our friends and family who have literally carried us through this.  You are amazing people that have made the journey bearable. 

   And we are going to DISNEYLAND.  Just for one day.  Then Six Flag, which Avery is super excited because she loves big roller coasters!!  Good thing we are bringing a 14 year old to ride them with her! 

  Hope everyone is having a great week too!!




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  1. Oh Steph, I'm so happy for you and Avery and for your whole family! What an inspiration and example of faith and endurance you all are!