You have to be kidding


    So  I guess our journey with kids with medical issues isn’t over.  Yes, Avery is going to be life long.  And now, so is Payton.  No brain tumor…diabetes.  She is not full blown insulin dependant.  They consider her pre-diabetic.  We have to monitor her blood sugar levels and she has to avoid all simple sugars.  No soda, juice, candy, desserts.  Except in the case where her levels go really low.  They she has to get some to bring it up.  Her problem is she spikes and her body can’t get the levels back down.   Luckily I love the endocrinologist.  She is both Avery and Payton’s doctor.  Dr. Saad if you are looking for a good pediatric endocryn in Vegas. 

   Any suggestions of low carb desserts would be helpful. 

And yes, we had a BLAST as Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Since the weather was rainy and cold, no one was there!  Seriously.  I have never seen Disneyland so empty.  We were able to ride almost every ride in one day!  A miracle.  And Six Flags, emptyer (I realize that isn’t a real word…).  Hallie was the only kid on the little roller coaster for four times.  They didn’t even make her get off until she wanted to.  It was great.  Thanks so much to Project Teddy for sending us!! 

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They put us up in the Annabelle hotel.  It was super nice and close enough we walked to Disneyland.  Saved us on parking!  I would HIGHLY recommend this place if you are going to Disneyland. 

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  1. So sorry to hear about payton. I have a friend who's daughter is diabetic she is 6 and has been diabetic for a few Years .she uses a pump. I am sure she would visit with you if you need some ideas. let me know.