by Stephanie

The adrenaline of the first few days in a hospital were wearing off.  So I came home with the other kids and my in-laws.  For the first time (ever) I was happy I didn’t wake up to sun.  Because it would have had me up before 7am.  So it allowed me to sleep in.  Yeah!

For those of you who have ever had a baby, you know about that “crash”.  The first day you keep waking up just to see that baby, make sure it wasn’t a dream.  The second day you keep waking up just to make sure it’s still breathing.  The third day (usually when they send you home) you sleep so deeply you don’t hear the baby the first time.  You are SO tired.  That was the point I was out.  So I am really happy to have had eight, blissful, uninterrupted hours of sleep.  And a shower…a full good shower that I was able to scrub the hospital smell off.

As much as everyone wants to see her…she is really out of it.  Plus she is still in ICU.   They discourage visitors.  But you can send an e-greeting.  Click here.   You can also send her stuff from the gift shop, however she had some great drugs right now and she can’t get flowers or balloons in ICU.   Better yet, do something for her brother and sisters.  They are the ones totally aware of what is going on.  And prayers.  They are amazing and do more for us than I can express.  Trust me we have angels both here and on the other side that have been hard at work on our behalf.  We really are so blessed. 

Oh btw, one of her neuro-surgeons said after her MRI yesterday that they got about 60% of the tumor.  But it was the part that was effecting her vision.  The rest might die off (hopefully) with that main part gone, or might begin to grow again.  But it is very slow growing and may not effect her for years if ever.  They will just have to monitor it and see.

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  1. Stephanie,
    We have been praying hard for your family! I am so sorry you have to go through this!