Avery update

by Stephanie

We had SUNSHINE…two days in a row.  Warm sunshine.  Like 80 degree sunshine.  If you don’t live in Northern WA, you have NO idea how rare that is this year.  Or how good it feels.  It was WONDERFUL!! 

I think I need to clarify a bit about Avery’s sight.  She can see almost 20/20 straight on.  It is her peripheral vision that is affected right now.  If you stand on the left side of her, she can’t see you.  If you stand  basically anywhere but right in front of her…she can’t see you.  Or she might see two of you, even if you are right in front of her.  It’s like looking down a straw all the time.  And the left straw is tiny.  The right is more like McDonald’s size. 

But she is getting around really, really well.  At home she is coloring, getting herself cereal, mopping and fighting with her siblings.  Basically all the normal things.  And she even wrote and gave a talk for Primary (church class for kids) yesterday that she had been assigned before the sight issues began.  She can’t cross a parking lot alone, and she can’t get around in crowds of people by herself.  But other than that, she is working it out really well.  She can’t vacuum, but she can do dishes.  She can’t ride her bike, but she can roller skate.  She is finding the things that she can do.  Even my hubby commented on how she is the one that we could never say “you can’t”  to.  She would find a way.  So she will.  It might take her a bit more time or effort, but I don’t see her sight stopping her if she puts her mind to it. 

Thank goodness the stubbornness is good for something.   

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