I love food. That is why I learned to cook. And I do make some yummy things, if I do say so myself. That might be a problem for my kids. Especailly when they are in the hospital and turn their nose up at most of the things they are served. I agree that the freezer burnt chicken nuggets and soggy waffles don't look good to me either. But if I were really hungry, I might eat them. But not Avery. She just scowls and conplains...a lot. I know the steriods make her even more tempermental, but sheesh. Enough alreay. I was able to get her some frozen dinners and soup. That seems to be filling in some of the gap. But they all better learn to cook or marry chefs.
Btw, she had another rough morning. She started off the day throwing up. Yuck! I think she waited too long after her meds to eat. Right after she threw up, she ate. Weird. And of course it was bacon, sausage and toast. (I am seriously considering making using bacon as a bribe at home. It is obviously highly desired.) But then she slept for the rest of the morning. She did get up about 11am and have a SHOWER! She loved it. We were even able to wash her hair as long as we didn't scrub the incision area (it has about 100 stitches...not joking. Really 100 stitches). She was complaining about an area to the back of the top of her head that had some dots of blood. She said it was really sore. I asked one of the dr's and she said it is probably from staples. To ensure the area stays clean and sterile they put a plastic drape over her hair and secure it with staples. Wow, interesting. I would take staples over shaving half her head or all her head any day. They are thinking we MIGHT can come home on Thursday. But it depends on her progress. And even if we do the next month to month and a half will be LOTS of follow up appointments back here. Therapists, Opthomolgists, Oncologists, Endocronologists, Neuro-Surgeons too. (and I probably spelled them all wrong...)

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