The tumor is gone...mostly

So, Avery had her biopsy yesterday at about 11:30am. Right before they did a short MRI just to make sure they had the placement correct.
They told me her biopsy along with post-op stuff should take about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. So at 2:30pm I was paged back to neuro-surgery. The Dr. (Dr. Ojemann...love him) said "she's ok". That is what I needed to hear. Then came the but...we have to make some other decisions..right now.
It isn't an optic glioma, therefore cannot be treated with chemo or radiation. At that point they really didn't know exactly what it was, just that it wouldn't respond to those treatments. And with the other Dr.'s accessment (from pre-op) her vision was getting worse. So we had two basic options. 1# while she is under, go back in and operate and get as much of it out 2# wait a few days and see if we can get another biopsy. But his schedule was open to do the surgery...right now. AND she might be blind in a few days. So we went with option #1. Right now to a surgeon, means in two hours. They expected the surgery to take 4-6 hours. We would get updates every 2 hours or so. It would do like this..
"Is this Avery's mom?"
"ok this is nurse so and so in the operation room. It is going great. She is doing fine. But it is going to be a while. We will let you know in about another 2 hours"
This happened 4 times. And 9 hours and 30 minutes later (you can do the math, it all adds up to very tired) she was out. They took her ventalater tube out and woke her up. She was obviously very groggy. But she looked better than I expected.
Since then I THINK the name of her tumor is a Gangliositoma??Spelling anyone??
they think they got 80% of it, but need an MRI, which they will do probably monday.
They were right next to and around the pituatary gland. So they are watching her closly. Espeically her urine concentration. She will most likely be here a week most of the time in ICU. But all can be handled with meds if her body doesn't work it out on it's own.
She is very cranky when in pain.
Her right eye...the only one she could see out of is swollen shut and dark purple (I will post pics later)
Dr. Ojermann had been operating since 6am and at 4am (next day) he was still bright and chipper. I wasn't so much.
We are all very tired. But SSSSOOO grateful to all the amazing family and friends who have put her name in the temple, fasted, prayed, sent thoughts and cards.
I know some of you are wanting to help out. You can post a message or call Emily Wall (in my ward at home). She is helping arrange stuff. And my father-in-law (who had a similar tumor in almost the exact same place) and mother-in-law should be here tonight. Bless them too.

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  1. Thanks so much for the updates. ALL of us are praying for Avery...and the rest of you. SO glad to hear that the tumor is mostly gone and she is recovering. Thank goodness for great doctors and tender mercies. We love you guys!